what is GVP?

Grand Vertical Parking

It is an intelligent transport system for vertical parking of vehicles in a self-service system.

GVP allows to park, respectively, from 6 to 16 vehicles on the area of 40m2, invariable for each single model.

The product is dedicated to both city spaces, public use facilities, park and ride parking lots. It can also be used by private investors – developers, shopping malls and hotels.

The universal structure of the GVP machine allows us to park, in a self-service system, both personal vehicles and SUVs (with height up to 2 meters and length to 5 meters).


  • Safety

    • use of double sensors on the main elements of the power transmission system of the machine
    • additional mechanism blocking the power transmission system while parking and taking the vehicle
    • predicting emergency situations
    • system of removing water from transport platforms
    2. EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY – using the power generator ensuring safety in the event of lack of power supply
    3. THE POST FOR TESTING STRENGTH AND DURABILITY OF GVP MOVEABLE PARTS – we subject the essential parts of the appliance to fatigue tests and strength tests to ensure full safety.

  • Polish Product

    The machine is 100% manufactured in our plant, equipped in state-of-the-art machinery.

  • Mobility and Compactness

    The compact structure of the machine allows efficient transport and quick mounting at the client’s premises, as well as dismounting and mounting it in a different location

  • Compatibility with External Systems

    Possibility of putting machines in series/groups, with adhering side or back walls, having one casing for them and one steering system

  • Passability

    The first facility in the world offering the possibility of parking from two sides and leaving the parking without the need to change the driving direction

  • Original Production Technology

    Developed by our Research and Development department

  • Architectonic Versatility

    The casing of the machine as a replaceable element, easy to adapt architectonically in the target location, following the client’s preferences

  • Modularity of the Structure

    Possibility of putting machines in series/groups, with adhering side or back walls, having one casing for them and one steering system

  • Environment Protection

    1. CO2 EMISSION REDUCTION – positive influence on lowering CO2 reduction – a free pallet always awaits a vehicle, so the driver does not have to waste time looking for a place to park
    2. RECYCLING – possibility of recycling 95% of the machine
    3. LOW NOISE EMISSION – sound intensity when machine is working – up to 56dB


  • GVP6H
  • GVP8H
  • GVP10H
  • GVP12H
  • GVP14H
  • GVP16H

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